Ways to keep your pet happy & healthy

While a home with lots of love is a key ingredient to your pets well being, knowing the best ways to care for them are essential to their overall health...

Your guide to a Healthy Aquarium

As a hobby, aquariums are lower maintenance than having other pets and have a lot of added benefits.A beautiful aquarium can transform a home into a paradise...

Five steps for crate training your new pup

While bringing a new pup home is an exciting event for all concerned, your new puppy will need your help to get more...

Top five pet friendly places in the UAE

While international travel has been put on hold for almost everyone, staycations have become more a necessity than a luxury for most.This has led pet parents around the country in search...

How to litter train your new kitten

If you're the proud pet parent of a new cat, the question of how to litter train a kitten is probably foremost on your mind...

Five ways to care for your mini breed dog

It's tough being a mini dog in a big world. As adorable and cuddly as they are, being the pet...

Five things to consider before bringing a new pet home

No matter what type of pet youí»re thinking of adopting, getting them well adjusted to your...

Five benefits of feeding your pet wet food

As a pet parent, being obsessed with what your fur baby eats is natural. If you have been...

The weird and wonderful world of cats

As a pet parent have you ever felt purr-plexed by your cats behaviour? Well we're here to tell you're not alone!...

The 4 correct ways to use treats for enrichment

Learning when and how to use treats in the correct way has so many benefits to your pets ...

Five ways having a pet keeps you active & healthy

That feeling of calm and contentment when you come home from a long day and see your pet ...

Five ways to keep your pets calm during fireworks

Ushering in the new year is always exciting! With all the hoopla, food, friends and fireworks...

Five ways to pet proof your Christmas Tree

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Here are some ways you can keep them away from...

Animal Shelters in the UAE that need support

Despite the very best efforts of the rescue groups here in the UAE, the stray animal population is growing at an alarming rate.

Five things you need to know before getting a rabbit

As easy as they seem to care for, it is important to understand that Rabbits are not a good starter pet and there are a few fundamental things

How and when to safely change your dog's diet

If your dog has been on the same food since they were a pup, it might be time for a change. Here are a few things to consider before transitioning them

Top five tips to grooming your pets at home

Apart from keeping your furrends looking and feeling good, grooming goes a long way in making sure they are healthy.

Five ways to keep your pet entertained at home

Being indoors constantly can lead to a bored and unhappy pet who might show this by being destructive and disruptive at home.

Pet and parent separation anxiety and how to manage it

The current covid pandemic has given pet parents the unusual luxury of being able to spend some extra quality time with their fur babies.

Staycay in style with your pet

Since the onset of the global pandemic has restricted international travel for many here in the UAE, pet owners across the country have been doing more road trips and staycations.

Five things you need to know about neutering your cat

There are an estimated 370 million cats worldwide and the majority of this is due to many cats being unneutered. Dr. Susan Moyers.

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