Five ways to keep your pets entertained at home

As temperatures soar in the UAE, it has become more challenging to spend time outside. Being indoors constantly can lead to a bored and unhappy pet who might show this by being destructive and disruptive at home.

A few common examples of a bored pet could be going to the toilet in your house despite already having relieved themselves during their usual routine, chewing furniture, shoes, cables- whatever they can get their paws on, being picky about food or barking and whining constantly for attention. These five tips are a good way to combat that and keep your fur babies happy indoors.

1. Hide and treat

Food and treats are great motivators for animals and often used in training to reward good behaviour. Rather than just giving out treats, show your pet the treat and where you hide it so they get the idea and then hide a few more in different places around the house. This game is a great way for them to use their incredible sense of smell and make treat time more fun.

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2. Puzzles

Mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise for your pet. Pet puzzles are usually loaded with yummy treats and are a great way to get your furry friend thinking and working. If your pet isnít as food motivated, not to worry! These puzzles come with a variety of shapes and sounds to keep your pet engaged even if they aren't a big fan of treats.

3. Teach them some new tricks

Whoever said you canít teach an old dog new tricks? Just as you would feel accomplished at learning something new, teaching your dog a trick will keep them occupied and give you some quality time with them.

4, Create a quiet corner for them

At home or work, it is important your pet has a quiet spot that they can use to escape. Put their bed or favourite blanket and some toys to make it cozy and make sure the space is away from any noise or activity. This will be a place for them to retreat when they need to and help them feel calm and relaxed.

5. Take them to an indoor water park.

Summer calls for some pool time, Treating your pooch for some swimming and splashing at a water park will release some pent up energy and keep them spent and happy at home. If youíre in the UAE, be sure to go check out the first indoor water park for dogs at Petsville Dubai. Your fur baby will love it!